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new youtube videos

Please enjoy 20 minutes of b-roll that I took of me and my cat in my old backyard. Harvesting dandelions for dye and tea, and braiding together iris leaves to make weavers for baskets. Birds singing in the background, a light summer breeze, the distant sound of the city.. I know I'm not the only one dreaming of those kind of days to return.

I made a mistake but that's okay because I'm turning it into a learning moment and I am crocheting myself a sweater vest using a pattern I made up even though I've never made up a pattern before. What can go wrong?

Last year I made my first foray into craft makers as a (very) small-time fibre artist! And after five whirlwind markets, I'm here to dish about everything: - Costs and fees, profits, what sold well, what didn't... Are markets even worth it?? If you're looking to get into the market game in 2024, give this a watch and then get in touch with any of your questions! If I can make markets easier for anyone, it's worth it!

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